Industries Served

machine2If you don’t find your industry here, chances are we’ve done your kind of work. Give us a call and tell us what you need – we’ll tell you right away if we can help you.

Minnesota Tool has decades of experience making many different dies for the automotive industry–building to our customers’ exact specs. We have built dies for many “under the hood” parts, such as clutch bearing brackets, shrouds, etc.
Minnesota Tool has many years of experience designing and building dies for the appliance industry. Our dies have helped make water heaters, refrigerators, light fixtures, and many other appliances.

Why do we do so much of this work? Our experience is of course a plus, but also important is our expertise with large dies, since many appliance parts require large tooling. We routinely make dies 10-12 feet in length, and have built them up to 20 feet long, in sections.

Customers from the electric motor/generator industry have relied on dies from Minnesota Tool for many years. Why have we been so successful in making these top-notch lamination or rotor/stator dies?

These parts are often composed of thin material, so a great deal of tonnage is required to stamp them out. Close tolerances are critical. The expertise of Minnesota Tool’s designers and toolmakers, along with our state-of-the-art equipment, enable us to maintain the tolerances that these dies require.

Over the years, our dies have made many different parts for the computer industry: cases, covers, shielding plates, chassis’ and chassis components, network routing boxes, electronic boxes and cases, etc. These parts are often made of very thin material–up to .005 inch–so our precision die making skills are very important.
We’ve made many dies for earth moving equipment–body parts such as fenders, buckets and booms for arm units–whatever our customers want.

Big dies are often needed here–up to 30,000 pounds, heavy-duty, heavy gauge, up to 3/4″ thick. We have decades of experience in the design and building of large dies, plus the equipment needed to handle them: large CNC machining centers, an EDM room with heavy-gauge capabilities, large try-out presses, and a 20-ton hoist lifter.

Lawn & Garden
This industry group is a feature for us. We get many different customer requests from the lawn and garden industry–all kinds of lawn mower parts, mower deck components, etc.
Recreational Vehicles
Minnesota Tool has designed and built many dies for recreational vehicles, in particular snowmobiles and ATVs. Many of these dies are made from smaller internal parts, where our expertise in precision work gives us an advantage.
Minnesota Tool has a great deal of experience in making precision dies for agricultural components. We make larger parts, such as body components and wheel brakes, as well as many smaller parts. We work with both thin and heavy gauge material.

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