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Minnesota Tool and Die Works
Specialists in big dies, progressive dies
and lamination dies

Big dies
We know how to build big dies. We routinely design and build dies up to 12 feet in length, and can build them up to 20 feet long in sections.

We have decades of experience in the design and building of large dies, plus the equipment needed to handle them: large CNC machining centers, an EDM room with heavy-gauge capabilities, large try-out presses, and a 20-ton hoist lifter.

If you need a big die, call one of the friendly and helpful people at Minnesota Tool and Die Works today at 763-323-0145 extension 103 or e-mail us at info@mtdwi.com.

Large dies
Progressive dies
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A toolmaker flanked by two apprentices. The apprentice on the left holds the strip produced by the die; the toolmaker holds the finished part.